Overcoming Fear of Failure

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Failure, defeat, loss, disappointment. Man, do we hate to hear words like this. We have all made mistakes before, no one can deny that. I have had plenty of failures in my life whether it’s tests, job applications, asking out girls, parallel parking, or cooking something other than nachos in a microwave. Sometimes after going through a couple of huge failures we start to develop a fear of making mistakes in order to avoid embarrassment and blowing opportunities. We then start to adjust our thought process around a more comforting life still and began to avoid taking risks because after all, taking a risk was what first lead to failure.


The fact of the matter is failure is going to happen whether you like it or not. Instead of viewing failure as a negative thing we should embrace our failures and realize how valuable the lessons we learn from them are. Yes, it’s embarrassing and frustrating messing up when risk taking, but we don’t learn anything of value from winning all the time. There’s nothing excited about never taking risks and we may never realize our full potential if we do not experiment. Succeeding is great, but if you didn’t fail at some point along the way how can you give anyone decent advice to reach the same potential? Not everyone is handed the same things in life nor do they have the natural abilities some individuals do so for people without these perks we can only learn how to reach success by failures. Mistakes are just ways of learning how certain methods of reaching our goals won’t work and bring us one step closer to finding a method that will work. They help us avoid making the same mistakes in the future. The lessons we learn from mistakes truly make us determined to reach success.


Failures should be motivation rather than depression. Everyone hates to make a mistake and be told you can’t do something in life so instead of accepting this situation we should want to prove those wrong who doubted us. People are going to let you know when you make mistakes and tell you when they don’t think your ideas will be successful. That’s just life.


Haters gonna hate I believe is what the kids are saying now, right? I don’t know, I stopped being hip when Myspace wasn’t cool anymore.


You know that feeling you get inside of you when you come so close to accomplishing something you really wanted? That fire that forms deep inside of you? Don’t ever let this fire burn out.


Use it.


Embrace it.


Let that baby burn because that fire is the only thing that separates you from letting your goals slip by and pushing forward to accomplishing your dreams. That fire is your way of telling yourself I know what I did wrong and I will never let this stand in my way again.


Think about one of your biggest goals in life you haven’t reached yet. Imagine the feeling when you realize you finally made it. The goosebumps on the back of your neck. That surreal feeling when you think to yourself, “did this really happen?” That moment you feel like balling your eyes out with tears of joy, but hold it back with a smile and pride. How proud you made those close to you feel. How proud you’ve made yourself feel. Man, just imagine how great it would be to have a feeling like that…


Wanna know a secret? You can have that feeling.


Decide right now you’re not going to let failure stand in your way. Decide that even though the rejection hurts now the overall success will make it all worth it. Decide that today you may be sad and depressed, but that feeling is temporary. That feeling is motivation. That feeling is the definition of perseverance. Without that feeling the success will not be near as sweet. When you’ve reached the top and you look down at your journey below you will be proud you stuck it out. You will impress yourself with just how far you’ve come and hold on to that feeling the rest of your life. It is the journey that defines you, not just the success overall. Make yourself a life to be proud of.


Never let that fire burn out because that fire is the light everyone will see when you’re standing on top.


Let that baby burn.


To help you with this I made a list below of tips and things to keep in mind when you start feeling your failures are getting the best of you.


1. Stay Positive

Always look at the situation with a positive outlook. Negative feelings only bring about fear and damage our confidence. Stay positive, tell yourself you can do this no matter what, and keep that confidence high.


2. It Hurts Now But the Hurt is Temporary

As I stated above the hurt of failure will not last forever unless you keep that weight on your shoulders forever. Realize now that the pain hurts more than anything, but it will hurt even more if you let this pain hold you back.


3. Reflect on What You Should Learn From the Failure

As I said before the lessons we learn from our failures are the most valuable ones. It may not be obvious at first, but when you’re hurting try thinking of what you can take from the hurt. The wisest of people are the ones who welcome failure to them.


4. Always Dream of the Dream

Take some time to reflect why you’re working so hard to accomplish your goal. Think of why you really want this and the perks and respect you will gain after succeeding. Give yourself a taste of the feeling when you reach the top and say to yourself, “I can’t wait until the day I can have this feeling.”


5. Be Happy!

Remember that you shouldn’t work like a racehorse all the time and that you need time to relax. Show the world your smile and how great of a person you are and they will know you deserve success. People are attracted to happiness. You would be surprised by just how many doors you can open with a smile.


I hope you take this advice to heart and feel free to share your goals and aspirations below!


Good luck and I hope this made you smile!