Why You Should Spend Time Outside Every Day


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein


Summer is finally here and that means it’s time for all the lake trips, carnivals, camping, and vacations brought along with it. It’s the time when most people feel the urge to go outside and enjoy the warm weather we’ve been waiting so long for. Even some of the hermits catch the summer fever and step outside to enjoy the perks of this season. While this weather is great and provides more opportunity to be active outside, I personally believe you should spend some time outside everyday no matter what the weather or season is.


So I’m sure this goes without saying because I’m writing a post about going outside, but I love the outdoors. I love hiking in a forest, I love seeing and hearing the wildlife, I love watching the snow fall down, and I love the sound of thunder and rain during a storm. At my apartment at my college last year I would even spend every decent night I could sitting out on my patio appreciating the stars in a clear night’s sky. I personally believe there are so many wonderful experiences you can have outside that you can never experience if you spend too much time inside.


Not convinced? Here’s some reason/perks as to why I believe you should spend some time outdoors every day.


1. It’s Healing and Stress Relieving


We’ve all had times in our life where we’re so stressed with jobs, school, relationships, and so on.


Life is stressful.


That’s just how it goes.


If we can’t handle our stress, however, it can cause some serious damage to our mental and physical health. Going for a walk can help alleviate some of this stress, but you should walk somewhere where you can truly escape from your problems for that time. Walking around in a neighborhood or city is good, but sometimes the sounds of cars or certain people may trigger some of your stressors. That’s why I encourage taking a walk on a hiking trail or on a beach. Go somewhere you can surround yourself with nature and see how calm the world is in a setting like this. It’s hard to think your problems are really all that bad when you’re in a place like this.


2. You Never Know What You Will See


This is actually the reason that inspired me to write this post. The outdoors is very unknown and exciting in a wonderful way. You never know what you may see out there. Here’s an example of something that happened to me last night:


I was playing in a glow tournament with the disc golf club in my town’s park, and the night was absolutely perfect. It was cool out, the sky was clear, and a full moon was shining big and bright. We get to the second to last hole that was in the middle of the woods and I saw one of the most beautiful sights I had seen in my entire life. There were hundreds, maybe even a thousand fireflies lighting up the trees around us. It was like walking through a forest of Christmas trees with blinking lights. It seemed like it was a small city of these little guys flashing all around us paying no attention to anything else going on in the world. It was a sight that a picture could not truly capture nor could simple words express the feelings I felt witnessing this spectacle of lights. It may sound like nothing to you, but to me it was amazing. The other guys in the group and I even took a moment to appreciate this scene. It was absolutely beautiful, and if I didn’t leave my house that night I would have never experienced it.


3. The Exercise is Great


Have you ever compared running on a path outside to running on a treadmill or track? I’m always significantly more tired running outside than on a treadmill. Running on tracks and treadmills are always so monotonous and boring. Outdoor trails provide a sense of adventure with your workout. Paths outside are also unpredictable with the uphills and downhills and unexpected turns. This is a great workout for your body.


Yes, you can set a treadmill so you can run on a slope but running outside is so much more fun and spontaneous with this. I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes when I reach the top of a hill or flight of stairs I’ll do a little Rocky dance with Eye of the Tiger playing in my head.


4. Boosts Creativity and Free Thinking


As I’m typing this sentence right now there’s this squirrel on the side of our porch trying to avoid my dog from seeing it. Oh uh my dog spotted it… then she took off in a dead sprint after it. After a couple of spin moves and a little bob and weave here and there the squirrel made it up the tree and avoided being my dog’s midday snack.


I think it’s needless to say now that just being outdoors is inspiring and boosts your creativity. When I’m inside everything is very static and I come across a writer’s block more often. When I’m outside everything is moving and changing and is very inspiring and helps me come up with ideas of things to write about. Like I said before the reason I wrote this post was because I saw those fireflies lighting up our disc golf hole.


Nature is a great way to get those juices flowing and get into some deep thinking. It’s not just writing that you can be inspired to do when outside either. Something out there could inspire you to create a multi-million dollar product or come up with a creative plan to solve a problem that’s on your mind. You never know where inspiration will strike when you get outside and enjoy life.


5. You Begin to See Life in a Different Way


When I sat outside my porch last semester at night I would look up at the stars and realize how small my problems are compared to how big the universe is around us. I would refocus my thinking from “why are these things happening to me?” to “do these things really matter and am I living my life the way I want to?” When I am surrounded by four walls inside it’s difficult for me to have these thoughts. I feel more open to myself outside and give myself a little reality check. There’s always a way for me to focus on improving myself when I surround myself with nature whether it’s the falling rain, the starry night, or the winter wonderland that’s inspiring me.


So whether it’s this summer or the middle of the winter go outside and appreciate the outdoors around us. You never know what will happen when you get out there and enjoy the world we live in!


Good luck and I hope this made you smile!